Live The Happy Life in Sarasota, Florida!

Looking for a destination with numerous sunny days, clean air, gorgeous beaches, low crime, short commutes, higher standards of living, and a great financial disposition? Sarasota, Florida is the perfect seaside town to invest in, taking 3rd place in Coastal Living's magazine poll on happiest seaside towns.

"This is a city of surprises," the magazine said of Sarasota. "Harboring world-class beaches and a top-shelf arts and culture scene (resident opera and ballet companies, plus its own symphony orchestra), Sarasota has beauty and brains in equal measure. Further, a collection of old-school neighborhoods with small-scale homes (not to mention a heralded collection of midcentury modern architecture) makes day-to-day life sweet, easy and an aesthetic joy. And then there's that Gulf-provider of breezes, local catch, and a laid-back cultural overlay that keeps life here in an ideal balance."

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