Sarasota Still One of the Best Places to Live in Florida

Sarasota has been making national news for numerous reasons when it comes to quality of life.

Looking for a great beach? Siesta Key was once again named one of the top beaches in America, coming in #2 by Trip Advisor.

Looking for the best place to retire? Sarasota was named the best place to retire in 2018.

Looking for a great public school system? Sarasota County is home to the top public school in the state and comes in #3 overall.

Quality of life is extraordinary in Sarasota. Year long warm weather makes it appealing for those looking to escape the harsh winters of northern states. An abudance of great restaurants and shopping, appeal to those who are looking for an abundance of unique dining and shopping options. The art culture continues to grow with music festivals, art shows, film festivals and numerous museums. Looking to get outdoors? The parks and recreations in the county constantly offers events and has a diverse choice of parks to choose from.

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