Sarasota-The Best Place to Live

U.S. News recently analyzed 100 metro areas in the United States, producing a list to find the best places to live. Sarasota ranks as #21 with an overall score of 6.9 out of 10. The rankings were based on different questions regarding life in Sarasota, below are some of the reasons Sarasota is a great place to live.

What's it like to live in Sarasota, FL.

The Sarasota climate has warm temperatures year-round, there is a reason vacationers come here to escape the harsh northern winters. The beaches in Sarasota, are award winning with some of the top beaches in the world. A thriving downtown district with lots of entertainment, dining, and an art and culture scene make Sarasota a great place to call home for all different ages. Sarasota's close proximity to Orlando and Tampa make it attractive to new residents looking for a great coastal town, close to major metropolian areas.

What's the cost of living?

Compared to other towns in Florida, Sararasota is very affordable. In a time where Americans are having a hard time finding homes for a reasonable cost, Sarasota offers a lower value for cost of living when comparing housing costs to median household income.

Weather in Sarasota?

Year round average weather in Sarasota is anywhere from 60-80 degrees with our rainy season being from April to October. This perfect year round weather allows many to enjoy the areas numerous outdoor activities such as golfing, boating, fishing, kayaking, and tennis.

What's the best way to get around Sarasota, FL?

Sarasota has many ways to get to where you need to go, most residents commute by their personal vehicles. The city does have a regional bus system SCAT is an extensive bus system used throughout the county at an affordable price. Additionally, some neighborhoods throughtout Sarasota are pedestrian-freindly, especially downtown Sarasota, Venice Island, St. Armand's Circle, Southside Village, and The Key.

Who Lives in Sarasota, FL?

Sarasota is a unique mix of mostly retirees and baby boomers, but young families and those under 40 are making an subtle increase. 20% of the households in Sarasota contain children under the age of 18, and many millenials are taking over Sarasota's nightlife scene.

What is there to do in Sarasota, FL?

Sarasota is a haven for those who love outdoor activities. Numerous beaches, abundant parks, and golf course make the city a dream for outdoor enthusiasts. The restuarant scene is flourishing, with culunary delights from all over the world. Main Street, Siesta Key, and Downtown Venice offers entertainment and nightlife for those looking for a nice evening out.

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